The Art of Service

Services with Style.

Interior Design

Interior design is defined as, “the art or process of designing the interior decoration of a room or building.” We embrace that definition but we also think that it's important to give you a style that makes a statement.

Exterior Design

We deliver classic design and comfortable living spaces for exterior areas of your home. Our goal is to work with each client and create timeless, functional outdoor living spaces that your friends and family may enjoy for many years to come.

Commercial Services

Offices and corporate spaces also get the Quintana Designs professional treatment. If you are a business owner looking to create an outward-facing corporate environment that showcases personality, we can make that happen as well.

The Art of Design

Attention to Detail.

When we talk about attention to detail, we usually mean is the art of paying particular attention to the smaller details of a project.

For Qunitana Designs clients, there are no small details. By not cutting any corners and making sure that the entire project is carried out successfully, we maximize the potential of even the smallest features. When it comes to interior design, smaller features might not make the most impact but when all of those smaller features work together and immense care is taken at every level, that’s the perfect recipe for designing a home that is flawless and perfectly finished.

We Make

Perfection .

Do you spend your days watching home improvement shows and dreaming of your new space?

Whatever you do decorating, or renovations we have expertise, creativity and industrial resources to make your dreams a reality. We listen, remain true to your vision and adjust our services to meet your specific project needs. Our passion is not only delivering your wish list but exceeding your expectations.


  • Kim is very attentive to all details. She added her expertise in incorporating what I wanted for my new home,bringing current styles while linking my vision to reality. Best of all, she works quickly and within budget. True Talent!

    Linda Brown

Working During Covid-19

When the coronavirus pandemic began, Quintana Designs was one of the first firms to devise a system for contactless interior design. We now ask our clients to measure and photograph; we conduct tours, meetings, and design presentations remotely; and we ensure that our tradespeople follow current safety guidelines (wear masks and gloves, schedule fewer workers at one time, practice social distancing). As a result, we have been able to begin new projects as well as continue those that started pre-pandemic.